We use high-quality yarns with extra-long fibers that make them soft, luxurious and absorbent, and dry faster than ordinary ones.

Eco-friendly production
at global standards

Timely Delivery and Logistics Support

Production, Export and Affiliates

Adea Textile produces 150k meters sheet , 60 tons of towel per month and other products in its 2500 square mater warehouse. In order to provide consistent quality and timely delivery, we manage end to end production from raw material to end product.

Having a company in the UK and a warehouse in Germany, Adea is actively trading in Europe and aims to expand its subsidiaries.

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Customer Focused
The company structure is organized to facilitate win-win scenarios between Adea and its partners. We help our partners delight their end consumers by providing good quality products and high quality service.

Traditional Textile Heritage

Denizli area is known for its high quality raw material and production. Our ancestors have been leader producers for the last three generations. Experience of Adea comes from our bloodline and from the culture of our environment.

Quick Availability
On Time Delivery
Transparent Communication

We, as the third generation, are adding digital modern touch to traditional textile business while keeping our heritage in tact.

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Custom Production and P&D

High Quality Product Portfolio

Having a brilliant management and sales team who are capable in the textile industry enables custom production and P&D. Thus, Adea, which combines high quality and optimal cost supply with flexibility, adopts it as a necessity to respond to the demands of its customers.

Investment in the Digital World

Investment in the Digital World

We know that digitization and automation is a leading edge in advancements in higher quality production. In order to keep our tradition of leading the industry, we invest heavily on automation and digital systems. This focus led us to develop sector specific digital solutions to be used by our neighbors.