About Us

Our story began in the early 80's.

Our story began in the early 80’s in a small village of Denizli, surrounded by cotton farms called Salbace. With the industrial revolution, our fathers started to replace the old machinery that they inherited from our grandfathers.

With the increasing demand from the consumers, they moved the production from their dedicated rooms at home to warehouses. This boosted the production capacity and increased product portfolio, which led to the first wave of family brand.

Digital Investment in
Traditional Textile

The two generations prior to us raised enough money to send us for higher education by producing textiles. Looking for the next pot of gold, we jumped into tech industry and started working at global IT companies. Here, we learned useful skills like project management, finance and customer relations. But we’ve never been completely away from our fathers. Always helped them on areas like digital marketing, branding etc.

✓ ISO 9001 ✓ ISO45001
✓ ISO 14001 ✓ ISO10002

We are proud
to carry our heritage.


Our third generation brand

During the pandemics, i.e. work from home setup, we returned back to our village. And with the physical presence, our ties with the family business got stronger as we got more involved in all aspects of textile. This lead to us investing more time and resources to textile and in short time we found ourselves completely immersed in our heritage.

Our third generation brand grew at a rapid pace thanks to applying our modern corporate skills to our generational know-how. Now we are serving our global customers from our offices in EU, UK and ME, bringing them our local production quality with our local service.

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Founded in Denizli.


A warehouse is in Germany.


Opened its UK office to serve in Europe.


Started online retail in Trendyol.


Increased its production capacity and warehouse to 3000m².


Started online retail in Amazon as "private label".


Registered its quality by obtaining OEKO-TEX and ISO certificates.


Increased its capital of company to $1 million.


Will be a global supplier.